Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maddy's Treat Box

                             Today I will show you how to make a treat box. Here is the first picture.
First you get a big piece of card stock that you want to be your base. Then if you have a stamping block like the one in the picture take the medium block and trace the block 4 squares across and one down below the second square.

Now cut the big piece on the outside trace of the marks with either your scissors or a cutter. Now score or fold on the inside lines and it will start to form a box.

Then cut out little strips of the same colored card stock and fold in half. On the out side of the strip cover it with double sided tape.

Next place the piece of card stock tape side out on the bottom square connecting the square right next to it together. Do that to all sides.

Now you take a different color of card stock that will be your secondary color and cut a strip that is as thick as your box. Tape it on one side and tape to the bottom of the box.

Then take a transparent bag and cut it in half.

Place the cut in half bag inside the box.

Take either a hole punch or a double punch and punch 4 holes together.

Cut a ribbon that maches your colors about 9 inches and you will need two of them. Take one and put it through the front and out the back tie in a diagonal.

Do the same on the other. It should look like this.

This next step is if you have the lattice punch punch out two of them. If you don't have that punch then take another type of border punch if you have one and place it on the sides with tape.
Last fill the bag with candy and give it to somebody.
TA DA!!!


Kathy Winter said...

Very nice job on this Box Maddy!! you did a great job on the tutorial as well:) Keep up the good work!!

~ Kendra ~ said...

Cute box!!

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